AmeriCorps VISTA Champions Student Veterans

By Kathleen Collins

AmeriCorps VISTA Adelle Yin

Develops programs to help them manage transition to college life

One of the most common challenges veterans face is re-entering society.  Adelle Yin, an AmeriCorps VISTA member serving with Montana Campus Connect (MTCC), is working to ease this transition. Since January, she has dedicated her time to improving veterans’ services at Carroll College and in the local community.

Yin, a graduate of Iowa’s Grinnell College, has a background in research analysis and community outreach. She also has a strong interest in social services. As an AmeriCorps VISTA member, she has been using her skills and experience to develop important resources for the military community.

“My academic and professional experiences prior to my VISTA year solidified by commitment to serve dependent and vulnerable populations,” said Yin.

Her commitment to serving veterans is clear in the work she has done with the Veteran Outreach and Support Initiative at Carroll College. She has developed two important new programs to help student veterans manage college life.

The first, the Veterans Textbook Loan Program, allows students to rent textbooks free of charge for short periods of time.  This program will help the many students who must wait to receive a book stipend or those who do not get one at all.

The second, the Non-Traditional Peer Mentoring Program, pairs upperclassmen non-traditional students with incoming non-traditional freshmen to help them transition into college life. In this case, “non-traditional” means any student who differs from the typical Carroll College student—whether it’s by age, race, or life experience.

But Yin’s accomplishments don’t stop there.

She has also been working to jumpstart the Lewis and Clark County Joining Community Forces Initiative. The initiative is a group of veterans service providers who will meet regularly to discuss the most effective ways to help the military community.

Yin adds that her commitment to service will not end with her term as an AmeriCorps VISTA member.

“I hope to gain the skills necessary to develop, operate, and analyze the impact of public health programs,” she said.

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