5 Amazing Ways AmeriCorps Served this Spring

By Kathleen Collins

AmeriCorps logo on hiking book walking past flowers

Our AmeriCorps members participated in many inspiring service projects this spring.

Take a look at these five projects that embody AmeriCorps members’ commitment to improving communities and bringing people together.

1. Habitat for Humanity Build-a-Thon

AmeriCorps members building house for Habitat for Humantiy

More than 400 AmeriCorps members in Des Moines, Iowa; Raleigh, N.C.; and St. Croix, Wis.; took part in this annual event to help revitalize local communities. In total, Habitat AmeriCorps members built 10 new homes, rehabilitated two others, and repaired 26 more. Together, AmeriCorps members and community volunteers helped to meet each community’s need for more affordable housing. 

2.  Oso Mudslide Disaster Response

AmeriCorps members participating in mudslide recovery

After a major mudslide devastated the town of Oso, Wash., in March, 45 Washington Conservation Corps AmeriCorps members and 24 FEMA Corps members were deployed to help the community in their recovery effort. The members spent weeks searching for victims, clearing debris, providing logistical support, making drainage channels, cooking meals for responders, and providing other support.

3.  AmeriCorps Aids Southern Storm Recovery

Three AmeriCorps members moving tree stumps

More than 225 AmeriCorps members in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, and Mississippi helped communities wrecked by tornadoes and flooding in early May. The members cleaned up debris, supported sheltering operations, and managed volunteers. 

4.  Michigan Day of Service

AmeriCorps member moving dirt into wheel barrow

On May 16, AmeriCorps members joined with local businesses at nine different sites in Michigan in hosting a day of service. More than 100 people showed up to help with tasks ranging from basic cleaning to gardening to bicycle repair. The event brought together people from across the state to serve local communities.

 5. Service on Cesar Chavez Day

AmeriCorps NCCC members helping recovery efforts during Colorado floods

In recognition of Cesar Chavez Day, AmeriCorps members and volunteers from the community united to rebuild Colorado homes damaged by the devastating 2013 floods, which stretched 150 miles from Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins.  Volunteers also came together in California to repair the site where Chavez lived.  Other projects took place throughout the country in recognition of the day. 

Kathleen Collins is an intern in the Office of External Affairs and a rising junior at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.

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