One Year After Moore Tornado, Senior Corps Still Serving

By Sandy Scott


Helping a Community Recover from Disaster

One year ago today, a devastating tornado ripped through Moore, OK, destroying thousands of homes and killing 24 people. Recovery efforts are still underway, as volunteers join residents to rebuild homes and bring the city back to life.

On the one-year anniversary, we salute the resiliency of the people of Moore, and the compassion of the volunteers and national service participants who have helped Moore recover. More than 125 Senior Corps volunteers and AmeriCorps members deployed in response to Oklahoma tornadoes. They supported feeding and sheltering operations, conducted damage assessments, managed donations and volunteers, and provided other support.

In the year following the tornado, more than 90 volunteers from RSVP of Central Oklahoma have contributed 4,515 hours to nine nonprofit and state organizations working in the recovery effort.  Senior Corps RSVP volunteers answered disaster hotlines, performed follow-up calls to families affected by the disaster, served food and companionship at day shelters, provided victims rides to medical appointments, and collected and distributed donated goods to disaster victims.

During the coming year, volunteers with the RSVP of Central Oklahoma will continue to participate in disaster recovery projects, and will prepare and distribute disaster ready-kits to families and elderly persons in Oklahoma tornado-prone communities.

CNCS would like to thank Shell of the Americas for its generous contribution of $50,000 that supports the vital disaster recovery and preparedness services being provided by the RSVP of Central Oklahoma. National service is a public-private partnership, and private sector support such as this donation from Shell strengthens community impact and increases the return on investment of taxpayer dollars. 

As a senior official at Shell explains here on our blog, “At Shell we believe that there is no community issue that a group of dedicated individuals can’t solve. When people employ teamwork and creativity, good things happen. That is why we support national service – a public-private partnership that engages citizens in solving problems.”

As the people of Moore continue to recover, Senior Corps RSVP volunteers will be at their side, thanks the compassion of our volunteers and the generosity of our partners.

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