AmeriCorps Kicks Off Environmental Stewardship Month

By Sandy Scott


As part of the AmeriCorps 20th anniversary, AmeriCorps is going green!

All this month, we will highlight the many ways AmeriCorps members are helping our planet.

Whether improving parks and public lands, restoring waterways, increasing energy efficiency, or teaching conservation, AmeriCorps makes a positive and lasting impact on our environment.

Building on a long tradition of conservation service, today’s AmeriCorps is focused on 21st century environmental challenges – from pollution and habitat loss to forest fires and climate change. As AmeriCorps members improve the environment, they also advance economic opportunity – by reducing energy costs, promoting renewable energy, increasing tourism, and training young people and veterans for the green jobs of the future.

Here are a few things you can do:

For more than 10,000 AmeriCorps members, every day is Earth Day. This month, help us recognize their impact and advance their mission.

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