Get Connected: With Tumblr and Instagram

By Brendan Bailes

Tumblr and Social Media graphic

For 20 years, we’ve been getting things done for America. Literally, all of the things.

You’ve seen us around, but now you can find us in more places. Today we’re launching two new accounts — because, you know, pictures.

So follow us on Tumblr! And Instagram! We’ll wait.

Done? Good. Now, go “heart” some stuff!

Social media is a great fit with national service.  After all, we have a giant network of good people doing great things to make communities better. And now we can show all of the stories!

Who knows, you may even see the occasional Pun Dog or Grumpy Cat…*

P.S. Seeing is believing – there’s nothing more powerful than national service and social innovation in action.  So share your stories and send us your photos and videos!

* Funny memes not guaranteed…

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